About me

I have worked within Learning and Development most of my career, after my second child I knew I wanted to get away from the City and make a change. Covid gave me some time...when I wasn't being a home teacher and mummy to a 2 year old, to explore what I would love to do. I started to learn about the role of a doula and I was hooked!

I was blessed to have my boys through ICSI IFV. This started my interest in pregnancy and birth.

My first birth experience was a C section due to my son lying in a breech position and at the time this didn't worry me as everything had been so medicalised, the experience was surreal but overall a good one, but I wish I knew then what I know now! it would have been a different experience!

My second was a water birth, this time I was more clued up on pain management and informed decision making and I had the birth I wanted. It  still didn't go quite to plan, as it is birth after all, but I am left with positive memories.

Postnatally, was much tougher than I thought it would be ... infact im not sure I gave it much thought! ... then once baby had arrived,  coping with physically challenging conditions, hormones, sleep deprivation, relationships and the puzzle of learning how to take care of another little human as well as balancing life, it felt quite overwhelming at times. My husband and family where a great support but it showed me just how much women needed a village, we were not meant to do this mostly alone.

Inspired by my own pregnancy and postnatal experiences and those of friends and family, I discovered a career for me, a career that would offer the support and care that we deserve as expectant and new parents, to help grow trust, confidence in ourselves and our bodies, to break down isolation and feel less overwhelmed and more in control. 'The Village' of old is disappearing from our communities and in this role my aim is to help people to feel nurtured, cared for and well supported at this all consuming and wonderful times in our lives.

Doulas believe in “parenting the parents” and this resonates so much with me. To have someone outside of friends and family who will listen, respect, support you and your partner emotionally, practically and be able to provide information from evidence based research for informed decision making home feels so important

I am a positive, passionate and friendly person who loves exploring life with my friends and family, I love to eat good food and drink good wine, play netball and curl up with a book or get absorbed into a good Netflix series.

I would love to hear from you to discuss how I may be able to best support you, please feel free to get in touch and find out more :0)

My Training

I am a mentored birth and postnatal doula and have trained with Nurturing Birth, one of the largest Doula training companies in England during 2021/2022. I am committed to continuously learning so that I am able to offer the best service I can for my clients. I habe a full drivers licence, I am DBS checked and insured.

  • Supporting Loss with Nurturing Birth - 2022
  • Understanding Newborns with Younique - 2022
  • Postnatal Planning Workshop with Younique - 2022
  • First Aid with Daisy First Aid - 2022