Supporting you in pregnancy, birth and beyond


Whether you would like additional support in pregnancy and birth, and or support at home after baby has arrived or maybe just some space to focus on, discuss and plan life with your baby and what that will practically mean for you and your family.

I offer various packages and services to support you on your baby journey. 

Select the service to find out more about what is included, booking and payment details.

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Birth Support

The ideal package if you are looking for support before, during and after your baby's birth.

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Antenatal Support

This session focusses on creating your birth plan and informed decision making.

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On-line Support

This support is for you if you would like to discuss any questions or concerns regarding your pregnancy, birth or the postpartum period.

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Scheduled C Section Support

This package is for you if you are planning a C Section and would like support before and after your baby's birth.

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Postnatal Support

This package provides support however you may need it in the ealry weeks of parethood to help you feel rested, calm and cared for. 

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Postnatal Planning

This session is to help you think past birth and what life with a newborn may be like and how to plan your support network